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Top 12 Famous probate cases in History

Top 12 Famous probate cases in History

Estates are often the subject of legal disputes, as beneficiaries argue over who is entitled to what. Probate courts are tasked with sorting out these disputes, and some of the most famous cases in recent history have been probate cases. The following are 12 of the most notable probate cases in the past few decades:

12 All-time famous probate cases

  1. The Estate of Robin Williams: After the death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, his wife and children were embroiled in a lengthy legal battle over his estate. The case was finally resolved in 2018, with Williams' wife receiving the majority of the estate.

  2. The Estate of Michael Jackson: Following the death of pop legend Michael Jackson, his mother filed for probate in order to gain control of his assets. However, Jackson's father disputed her claim, leading to a lengthy court battle. Ultimately, Jackson's mother was awarded control of her son's estate.

  3. The Estate of Marilyn Monroe: After the death of movie icon Marilyn Monroe, her estate was claimed by both her husband and her former business manager. A lengthy legal battle ensued, with Monroe's husband eventually being awarded control of the estate.

  4. The Estate of Anna Nicole Smith: Model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007, leaving behind a complex estate. After years of legal wrangling, her daughter was ultimately awarded control of the estate.

  5. The Estate of James Brown: Upon the death of legendary musician James Brown, his children filed competing claims for his estate. After a lengthy court battle, a judge ruled that James Brown's estate widow was entitled majorly. Mr. Clay Brown specifically stated in his will that he wanted his property to be distributed between two trusts: one for the education of his grandchildren and one for at-need children who live in Georgia and South Carolina.

  6. Tom Carvel, the man who invented soft ice cream and thus became a very successful businessman in America is none other than Thomas Jefferson Cable. He started out by selling his 'ice creams' from a truck which led him to develop one of the first franchises here country-wide! His death also caused big probate court cases between family members due to them fighting over how much money should be given away after losing their loved ones. The disagreement reached a boiling point in 2009 when Carvel’s niece filed for him to be exhumed and investigated as a possible poisoning. The process continues today, even after many appeals have been made by family members who want this matter resolved once and for all!

  7. When Jimi Hendrix left behind royalties that made family members and record companies start several tries. He died in 1970. After a sudden death at 27 years old with no will present for guidance on how best to manage his estate should have been easy but instead became quite challenging due to a lack of planning ahead by either party involved which led them to court ruled the battles until 1990 when Al (the father) filed suit claiming control over what would become known as The Experience Rock Trinity™ - emitting from England’s London calling region along three states' borders

  8. Gary Coleman, the star of ‘70s shows Different Strokes died at 42 in 2010. He left behind 3 wills and his last one was handwritten leaving everything to the wife during their time together but they're no longer married so a strange legal battle resulted- where Gary's business partner Gray took all that remained when it came down from Different strokes.

  9. Ike Turner died in 2007, he left behind a very valuable large estate and royalties to almost 4000 songs. Because of the lack of clarity stated by him before his death (which is why there are six different wills presented for court ruling), people said that these weren't really Ike's kids since they didn’t have any claim on their father’s fortune - though others were able to produce handwritten versions as proof showing how much ownership each individual has over parts within those final hours alone! The judge eventually favored those with more tangible inheritances: They get cash windfalls while also getting handed down some properties such as houses worth millions.

  10. What about the estate plan of Whitney Houston, who died in 2012? The late pop icon's death certificate showed that she left an estate valued at $20 million. But after legal fees and other debts were paid, there was only $5 million left for her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

  11. Prince, the beloved performer who died at 57 without a will and prince estate worth 200 million dollars to his one full sister in Minnesota. His sudden death led many people to claim they were meant to be part of it all - from half-siblings to secretly married relatives- but there might just have been something more than money on their minds when signing those papers because after reviewing some documents made public today we found out what really happened behind closed doors here. When Prince died without anything in place- not a will, trust, or informal indication of what he would like done with his money and other valuables there were many questions about how to handle the singer’s vast fortune. For someone so well known for their generosity, it is surprising that even though they had been working hard all these years; financial documents weren't put into place before death which left an incomplete legacy due largely because Paisley Park house was still owned by relatives while recording studio belongs outrightly under law but also includes music ranging from unreleased tracks right down through memorabilia including guitars played on stage throughout a career.

  12. Howard Marshal III, After the Pierce Marshal died (Father), a wealthy Texas oilman (Pierce Marshall), his younger son sued to overturn his father's will that left most of the man's considerable estate to his older son. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in 1996 that a son who was born out of wedlock could not inherit under state law from his father) unless the father had acknowledged the son in writing or had treated him like a legitimate child. The probate process can be a long and complicated process, especially when there is no clear plan in place. In these famous cases, we can see how probate case can become messy very quickly, and how important it is to have everything in order before you pass away.

These are just a few of the most famous probate cases in recent history. Probate disputes can be complex and emotionally charged, often leading to lengthy court battles. If you are involved in a probate dispute, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney or lawyer who can help you in your legal process and also protect yourself.